Step 1: In the first step, create a shareable link for your Google Docs document. Open the document and the [SHARE button is visible in the top right section. Use that button and generate the link.

Step 2: You have to copy the deelink and paste it in Notepad ++ or another text editor.

Step 3: Remove the  edit and other characters  from the URL and add “ export? Format = pdf ” to the document URL. View the screenshot below.

Use the new URL and share it with others. When they open the URL, a PDF is downloaded to the PC instead of opening the document.

If you are already satisfied with the standard feature of Google Docs in which a sub-link is generated and users can open that document and then save the document as a PDF, then there is nothing else you need to do. However, if you want you and others to quickly save your shared Google Docs document as PDF, this trick is great. Try it.