is an online tool that AI used to automatically remove the background from photos. This tool has recently been released for Photoshop as an extension. It is available on the Adobe Exchange and from there you can add it to your Adobe account and thereby to Photoshop. The extension does the same as the online tool but in Photoshop. It uploads your photo to, removes the background and replaces the original photo with the backgroundless photo. All this happens without leaving Photoshop. However, there are some limitations. This tool only works if a person (s) or object (product) is in the photo. It doesn’t work for all things (yet). Apart from that, the free subscription limits monthly usage to 50 images with a maximum file size of 10 MB.

To use this extension, you must get an API key by creating an account. You must enter that API key in the extension in Photoshop for it to work.

Go to the Adobe Exchange and log in with your Adobe ID. Use the same Adobe ID that is registered with your Photoshop. Then find ” for Adobe Photoshop ” (here is a direct link to that) and install it.

Synchronizes the extension with your Adobe account and automatically adds it to Photoshop with your Adobe account signed in via the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app.

You can also download the extension file (.zxp) from here and install it via Adobe Extension Manager CC.

After installation, this tool is on the extension list in Photoshop. To remove the background from a photo in Photoshop, go to Window -> Extensions -> Remove background.

This opens this extension window in Photoshop. Now you must enter your API key here for the first time. When this is done, this window gives you a button to remove the background of the photo with one click. If you tap that button, the background will be automatically deleted within a few seconds and an info prompt will be displayed with your remaining number of photos for the month.

In addition to removing the background, this tool also has some extra advantages to make editing your photos a little easier. After the background is finished removed, the cropped photo is added as a new layer. it also makes a layer mask (with the current layer) to allow you to adjust the adjustments and corrections to the cropped photo accordingly.