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How many trees has Ecosia planted?

Ecosia is an eco-friendly search engine supported by Yahoo, Bing and the World Wildlife Fund.

Ecosia is just like any other search engine. But there is one big difference: They use the profits to plant trees.

But how many trees has that actually produced in ten years?

Ecosia users plant by searching millions of trees

Ecosia says they plant the trees where they are needed most. They have planted more than 112 million trees in ten years. That is of course a great result.

The search engine was founded in 2009. It is a so-called social enterprise. Ecosia derives its revenue from the sponsored links provided by Yahoo and Bing.

Carbon dioxide emissions major culprit

Google makes a huge profit from advertising revenue every year. They also emit large amounts of CO² through their gigantic data centers. Those server parks are also mainly located in the Netherlands. Those emissions are bad for our environment.

It is of course a noble goal to save the climate with an online search engine, but they are also a search engine themselves and therefore emit waste (however little according to the company). That is why we already said in 2010; ‘So green is not always rosy!’.

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