Homey app update lets users place widgets on iOS and Android

An update to the Homey app lets Android and iOS users install widgets that provide instant access to Flows. The widgets can be used from app version 4.1.1, which version is now available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

According to Homey, the widgets allow users to activate their favorite Flows faster, without having to start the app. In a YouTube video, Homey gives an example of four Flows from which the user can choose. It is unclear whether users can also place more or fewer Flows in the widget.

Athom Homey is a smart home hub that can be connected to smart devices and an Android or iOS smartphone. The Homey Flows are instructions that can be initiated by the user. At the Flow movie time, this could be, for example, that the electric curtains are lowered, the lamps are dimmed and the TV is switched on. Such Flows can be controlled via widgets with the update.