Here’s What Google Employees are ‘Banned’ From Doing At Work

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Who doesn’t want to work for Google? Of course, everyone wants to work for Google. However, getting a job at Google is not that easy. You must not only crack the touch interview processes but also follow a few rules. Google is one of the most empathetic companies in the world and pays its employees very well.

Recently, the search giant Google of course introduced a new set of community guidelines for its employees, which they followed. The new guidelines are intended to work hard on what employees within the company can say.

According to Google’s blog post: “Working at Google comes with a huge responsibility. Billions of people rely on us every day for high-quality, reliable information. It is crucial that we respect that trust and uphold the integrity of our products and services. “

The new employee guidelines state three important things to remember:

  • Be responsible. What you say and do is important. You are responsible for your words and actions and you are held responsible for them. [19659011] Be helpful. Your vote is your contribution – make it productive.
  • Be attentive. Your statements can be attributed to Google regardless of your intention, and you should think carefully about making statements that may cause others to make incorrect assumptions and political debates.

    Apart from that, employees have been told to follow three Google values ​​while communicating with fellow partners and users. “Respect the user, respect the possibility, respect each other. Our values ​​determine how we behave in pursuit of our mission, we must all possess them personally, we must all possess them together.

    The new guidelines also state that employees must stop trolling others with insults, or anything that contains statements that offend, humiliate or humiliate. The company also proposes to its employees not to mislead or share internal data with others. You can read the full Community Guidelines here .

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