Head of Valve’s VR Team Switches to Oculus VR

The head of Valve’s VR department, Atman Binstock, has switched to Oculus and will be head architect there. Prior to his work at Valve, Atman has worked on projects at Intel, RAD and Dice, among others. He is the second Valve employee in a year to switch to Oculus.

News of the Steam Dev Days in January this year shows that Steam and Oculus are working closely together to bring VR to fruition, and that Valve has “no plans” to release its own VR headset, so this is probably about it. a move that does not create bad blood between the two parties.

In May of 2013, VR specialist Tom Forsyth also switched from Valve to Oculus. One of the driving forces behind Oculus is id Software founder John Carmack. Binstock will lead a new research and development team in Seattle, Washington, a short distance from Valve’s Bellevue office.

The official Oculus blog states that “Atman and Valve’s VR team helped overcome motion sickness using virtual reality,” which may be the primary reason for hiring Binstock. Meanwhile, the lack of parts for the first version of the Oculus Rift devkit has also been highlighted, reducing the kit’s availability, but a second version of the Rift devkit is already in the works.