Screenshots show Intel’s skin for Tizen smartphones

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A Tizen fan site has published screenshots of Intel’s interface for Tizen. The interface uses diamond shapes for shortcuts, notifications, and other interface elements. Google apps are visible in the screenshots, indicating that Tizen is running Android apps.

The screenshots, which Tizen Indonesia put online, mainly show the main menu of the Obsidian interface that Intel has made for Tizen. It contains all diamond-shaped icons for applications. Among those applications are Google Currents and Google Drive, which are no longer functioning. Since Google only makes apps for Android and iOS, it seems obvious that Tizen can run Android apps.

The images also show how the interface handles notifications: the shortcuts contain a number with the amount of notifications, while a diamond-shaped overlay can show new notifications. Earlier footage indicated that the interface makes extensive use of overlays over the main menu, rather than a new window.

Intel uses the interface on a reference device called Josephine; that device has been in the hands of developers since last summer. It is unclear whether the interface will ever appear on a device that actually comes to the shops.

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