Head of Halo developer 343 Industries Bonnie Ross leaves

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Bonnie Ross, head of the Halo development studio since the beginning of 343 Industries fifteen years ago, is leaving the company. She writes that she has to leave earlier than expected because of a ‘family medical matter’. Her role is divided among three people.

“While I had hoped to stay with Halo until we released the Winter Update, I’m letting you know that I’m leaving 343 for a family medical matter,” writes Bonnie Ross on Twitter. That statement insinuates that she already planned to leave, but that this departure has now been accelerated. She also writes that she is “incredibly proud” of her 343 colleagues and that it has been her “honour” to work alongside this team for the past 15 years.

Ross had long been a familiar face within Microsoft; before 343 Industries, she was a general manager at Microsoft Game Studios, now known as Xbox Game Studios. She worked on Zoo Tycoon, Jade Empire, Mass Effect, Gears of War, Alan Wake and Crackdown, among others. In a statement to Windows Central, among others thanks Microsoft Ross for her 28 years of service with the company.

In the same statement, the company announced that Pierre Hintze, formerly Head of Production, will immediately take over the role of Studio Head from Ross. Hintze will focus on the development of Halo Infinite and The Master Chief Collection, as well as upcoming games. The 343 Industries management team will also be expanded to include a GM of Franchise, Bryan Koski, and a business and operations manager, Elizabeth Van Wyck.

It’s not clear if there are other reasons for Ross’s departure, other than the family medical matter. Some players have been disappointed with the new Halo Infinite series, partly because it takes a long time for new content to come to the game. 343 Industries recently announced that the game will not get a split screen mode after all, even though the developer previously said it would.

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