Halo TV Series Gets Its First Teaser Trailer

The live-action television series based on the Halo franchise has received its first teaser trailer. That happened during Microsoft’s Xbox Anniversary Celebration livestream. The series is due to appear in America next year on the streaming service Paramount+.

The short teaser shows Master Chief, the main character of the series, donning his signature armor. From the background, an unfamiliar voice says “Hello, Master Chief.” It’s not clear who that voice belongs to, but fans speculate that it’s Cortana, an artificial intelligence and partner of Master Chief.

At the end of the teaser it says that the series will be on Paramount+ next year. That was previously announced. That streaming service is currently not available in the Benelux. Whether the rights to the Halo series will be bought by another streaming service for countries where Paramount+ is not available is unknown.

The Halo series was announced in 2018. It was then communicated that the series will be shown on the American pay channel Showtime and will consist of ten episodes. Later this was reduced to nine. Master Chief is played by Pablo Schreiber, best known for Orange is the New Black. Nathascha McElhone of The Truman Show portrays consultant Catherine Halsey, and Cortana is played by Jen Taylor. She also plays the character in the games.

This is not the first series based on the Halo franchise. In 2012, a five-part web series promoting Halo 4, called Forward Unto Dawn, was released. However, it was made with computer images, and was therefore not live action. For Halo 5, a live action miniseries was made, called Nightfall, which had to connect the stories between the fourth and fifth parts of the series.