Half of first-party PlayStation releases will be for PC or smartphone by 2025

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Sony wants to double the number of first-party PlayStation games that come to the PC or smartphone over the coming years. This fiscal year, about a quarter of PlayStation’s releases are for the PC or smartphone; by 2025 this should be half.

In the fiscal year of 2025 expect Sony that half of all releases are PlayStation 5 games. The other half should be for the PC or smartphone if it is up to Sony, with thirty percent for the PC and the remaining twenty percent for smartphone games.

Sony says that it also wants to port more console games to PCs and also wants to release more smartphone games. This is a change of course that Sony has been pursuing for some time, but now the company is providing more details about its plans. In 2019 there were no PlayStation games for PC or smartphone.

Horizon Zero Dawn was the first PlayStation game to get a PC port in 2020. This fiscal year, about a quarter of all first-party PlayStation releases will be for the PC or smartphone, with the majority being for the PC. A third of all releases are only for the PlayStation 5, about forty percent come to both that console and the PlayStation 4.

The PC ports should also generate more money for the company in the coming years. In fiscal 2020, PC ports were worth $35 million; a year later it was $80 million. Sony expects to earn $300 million this year from the PC ports. So far, the Horizon port is the most successful, with 2.4 million copies sold and a turnover of 60 million dollars.

Sony does not say which games will come to the PC and smartphone. Earlier, former chief executive of Sony’s games division Shawn Layden said the company will not release games for PC and PlayStation consoles simultaneously. With this strategy, the company hopes that gamers will be interested in the company’s consoles after playing a PC port.

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