Grim Fandango also comes for Windows, OS X and Linux

The remastered version of Grim Fandango will not only be available for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, but also for Windows, OS X and Linux, developer Double Fine said. It is unknown when the new version of the game will be released.

Double Fine late per tweet know that the polished version of the classic will also be available for Windows, OS X and Linux. The announcement comes as no surprise. Sony announced at its E3 press conference that developer Double Fine Productions is working on a remastered version of Grim Fandango that would be released exclusively for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, but it soon became clear that the console builder just meant the game wouldn’t be available for consoles from Sony. competitor Microsoft appears. Shortly after the announcement, the studio already tweeted that it was thinking about other platforms.

Grim Fandango is a 1998 adventure game created by LucasArts, which released many classic adventure games in the last century. LucasArts was closed by owner Disney more than a year ago and can therefore no longer make a new version of the game. However, Tim Schäfer, who headed Grim Fandango’s development team as a producer at LucasArts, founded Double Fine in 2000, working on the revamped version of the adventure game.

Reap your heart out! We’re pleased to announce Grim Fandango will also be available on PC, Mac, and Linux alongside PlayStation 4 and Vita!

— Double Fine (@DoubleFine) July 9, 2014