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Google will promote experimental features in Chrome by opt-in

Google is going to promote certain experimental Chrome features to users. Normally, users can turn on those beta features themselves, but then they need to know which ones they are. Google will now give examples of this, provided users choose it themselves.

The feature is in Chrome 89.0.4353.0. It is a feature that highlights specific experimental functions in the browser that chrome://flagscan be turned on. This is the part of the browser where users can normally manually enable and disable beta features. Users must then know specifically which functions are interesting and specifically look for them.

With the new update, an icon will appear in the menu bar highlighting various features of ‘Chrome Labs’. Google chooses these itself, although it is not clear on the basis of which this happens. Currently there are two features available that appear there. It is a feature where users can add a website to a reading list, and one where users can search in open tabs.

Users still have to manually turn on the so-called Chrome Labs, calculated via chrome://flags. In any case, this is not yet possible via the settings of the browser. Version 89.0.4353.0 can only be used as a canary build.

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