‘Google transfers all hardware projects to a single division’

Google reportedly brings all of its various hardware projects such as Nexus, Chromebooks and Glass under a single division. In his vision for the future of Google, CEO Sundar Pichai has said that artificial intelligence, among other things, plays a major role.

According to Re/code, Rick Osterloh will be in charge of the new hardware division. He was previously president of Motorola, but left Lenovo’s cell phone business last year. Osterloh will oversee the Nexus projects, among other things. In addition, Chromecast, the wireless router OnHub, consumer hardware such as Chromebooks and the Pixel-C and the development of Glass annex Project Aura are part of the business unit.

In addition, the employees of ATAP, the experimental lab for hardware products, such as Project Ara, will report to Osterloh. In addition, there is a section called ‘The Living Room’ that includes smart home products. The merging of all hardware components should, among other things, facilitate communication with the various partners and component manufacturers.

On Thursday, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai announced his vision for the company. According to him, this should mainly revolve around knowledge & assistance, artificial intelligence and machine learning, content such as Play and YouTube and platforms such as Android and virtual reality. He also cited enterprise and “the cloud” as important to the company’s future and emphasized the commitment to make Google technology available to everyone.