AOC Introduces Its First Gaming Monitor in Agon Series

AOC will release a new monitor aimed at gamers in June. The AG271QX is the first product in AOC’s new Agon line of gaming products. The monitor is equipped with a refresh rate of 30Hz to 144Hz.

The AOC AG271QX with a 27″ screen combines a tn panel with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. Thanks to the use of a tn panel, the response time can remain low: 1ms. The screen supports Adaptive-Sync, and thus AMD’s Freesync, in combination with refresh rates from 30Hz up to and including 144Hz. These are just like Nvidia’s Gsync dynamic refresh rate techniques, which ensure that the display and video card work completely in sync, preventing tearing and stuttering.The minimum refresh rate of 30Hz is an advantage: many monitors don’t go beyond 40Hz, so if frame rates get low, the benefits of Adaptive-Sync are lost.

The maximum brightness of the screen is 350cd/m2 and the product is equipped with displayport, hdmi, dvi and vga. There are also four USB 3.0 ports. The display is adjustable in height and can be tilted and swiveled, and AOC also mentions the presence of a ‘low input lag’ mode, where “electronics for post-processing of the image are switched off”. The suggested retail price of the Agon AG271QX is 599 euros when it appears in June.

In 2016, AOC plans to release ten gaming monitors in the Agon line, with screen sizes from 24″, 16:9, up to and including 35″ with a 21:9 aspect ratio.