Google tests new YouTube interface for Chromecast

Google appears to be testing an improved YouTube app for older Chromecast models. Users report that the new version offers a full-fledged interface and shows similarities with the YouTube app for Android TV.

The test has been noted by several Reddit users, 9to5Google also writes. According to these users, the operation of this ‘app’ is completely different. Previously, the Chromecast only showed basic information when casting a video from a smartphone, such as the title of the video, the number of views and the publication date. However, according to Reddit users, the revamped YouTube app is more like the Android TV version of YouTube.

The test version of the app shows a complete interface, which allows users to adjust the video resolution, turn on subtitles or view video statistics, for example. The connected smartphone would function as a kind of remote control. After a video ends, the app shows a list of viewing suggestions.

Reddit user garethonreddit reports that the update has appeared on his Chromecast Ultra. The user thereby publishes an image that shows that it is an HTML5 web app. Greyhood_39 claims the new interface has also appeared on its third-generation Chromecast and reports that more ads appear to be shown than before. The new interface has since disappeared for both users. It is therefore unknown if and when this app will actually be released.

The Google Chromecast Ultra