Google stops chatting service Allo

Google is going to stop using Allo. In April, the company paused investment in the chat app, but now Google has decided to cancel Allo. The app can still be used until March 2019. Until then, users will have the opportunity to export their conversation history.

Matt Klainer, vice president of the consumer communications products division, explains in a blog post that Messages has taken over from Allo. After pausing Allo’s investment in April, certain features, such as gifs and Smart Reply, have been ported to Messages.

The message also states that Google will continue to focus on supporting Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. Earlier this month, there were rumors that Google was going to end Hangouts in 2020. However, this was quickly contradicted by Hangouts’ lead developer, Scott Johnston.

Google Allo was released on September 21, 2016. The chat service has a virtual assistant that generates suggestions for automated messages. Initially, Google promised that unencrypted messages would only be stored temporarily. However, when the app was launched, it turned out that these messages were kept longer. Google stated that this was necessary for better auto-reply generation.

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