Google Stadia controller can be used wirelessly for web gaming

Users of the Google Stadia game streaming service no longer need to wire their controllers to their computers to play games through the website. The controller can now also be used wirelessly with the browser version.

Google reports that starting this week, users of Stadia can connect their controller and via their own WiFi network, so that it is no longer necessary to connect the controller to a PC via USB. Google developer Justin Uberti appears in a message on Twitter- suggest that this feature is already available.

The idea behind the operation via WiFi is that it should provide a smoother experience with less lag than with controllers that work via Bluetooth. This means that the input does not first have to go to, for example, a television or laptop of the users; the input goes directly to Google servers.

When Stadia came out in November last year, wireless use of the controller was only available to Stadia users using the service through the Chromecast Ultra and their television. Now that the Stadia controller can also be used wirelessly via the PC, this should make the transition from playing on the television to the PC and vice versa faster. Wireless support for the controller is still lacking for Android users. It is unknown when it will be available.

From left to right: the Xbox One controller, the Stadia controller and the controller for the PlayStation 4