Google sends users from Hangouts to new Google Chat

Google has started showing a notification in Hangouts in which the tech giant wants to redirect users to the new Google Chat. An end date for Hangouts has not yet been announced, but Google now seems to want to speed up the closure of the service.

The notification in Hangouts directs users to Google Chat and informs you that conversations are now visible there too. The Hangouts support page states that message history will be available in Google Chat from June 2020. The messages from before will come to the new service later. A final date for Hangouts has not yet been announced.

Meanwhile, in the review section in the Play Store, many users complain about the lack of features in Google Chat. For example, multiple images cannot be sent in an attachment at the same time and the app can hardly be adjusted to your own preferences.

Google has already put an end to video calling in Hangouts. Instead, users were redirected to Google Meet. Video calls can be made with this app. Google has been planning to end Hangouts for some time now.