Google revamps Gmail for desktop users

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Google will release the new design of Gmail for the desktop on Wednesday. The webmail service will also receive new functions such as a snooze button, reminders and answer suggestions.

According to Google, the new design of Gmail makes users more productive, partly because the display offers messages without the user having to open the emails. For example, attachments can be opened directly from the message list. If you hover the mouse pointer over a subject line, you will see the options to archive, delete or mark the message as read.

In addition, the snooze button will appear. Allows users to temporarily hide messages. Gmail will then show those messages again at a later time. In addition, there is a reminder function that Google calls nudging, which should prevent people from overlooking emails. Gmail hereby reminds users that a few days ago they received an unanswered or unanswered email.

Also new is the option for smart replies, but for the time being this only works when receiving English messages. Based on the content of those messages, Gmail provides three response suggestions that users can choose from to respond quickly. The sender can add to these short answers himself. On the side of the screen there is a new bar, with access to the Google Calendar, the Tasks service and Google Keep. The Tasks app was released simultaneously for iOS and Android.

Furthermore, Google has adjusted warnings for potentially malicious messages, these are now much larger, and there is a confidential mode. Once an email has been marked as confidential, it cannot be forwarded, copied, downloaded or printed. Finally, with the desktop version of Gmail, these messages can be given an expiration date. They disappear after the term expires.

The Gmail mobile app has changed that users can indicate that they only receive notifications of important messages. The service also provides suggestions for unsubscribing from newsletters that the user probably does not find interesting.

According to Google, users can expect the new display and features in the course of Wednesday. Not only consumers will get the new Gmail, but also business users of G Suite.

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