Battle Royale H1Z1 is coming to PlayStation 4

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Battle Royale H1Z1 comes to the PlayStation 4. On the 22nd of May an open beta starts and interested people can sign up for a closed beta that will take place earlier. The game is adapted and will include many airdrops .

On the PlayStation blog the makers of the game say that the PS4 version is being modified with more weapons, more vehicles , a custom interface and controls that focus on consoles. All that would have to deliver faster jars.
In addition, airdrops are added, crates falling from the air with better gear. Players can expect many of these drops, including six new weapons. The makers also let the gas that limits the playing area move faster. Each pot therefore lasts a maximum of fifteen minutes.
Players can register for the closed beta via the website of the creators . From 22 May onwards, this is no longer necessary and all PlayStation 4 owners can download the free-to-play game. Even then, it will still be a beta.
The PC version of H1Z1 came out early in early March and got a new addition in the form of Auto Royale. A week later, Daybreak Game Company, the studio behind the game, made the game playable for free.


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