Google makes new Gmail design widely available in July

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Google has announced that it will make its revamped Gmail design widely available to organizations in July. From then on, G Suite administrators have several options for transferring users.

Google reports that an early adopter program is currently underway for the new design, but that more users will be able to switch from July. G Suite administrators can then choose to immediately transfer all their users, but it is also possible to do this on the basis of an opt-in. A third option is to postpone the opt-in for another month after its release in July. This is the standard variant. Eight weeks later, all users are automatically transferred, but there is still the option to opt-out. That option disappears four weeks later.

The announcement of the changes to Gmail took place at the end of April. Google is introducing new features, such as a snooze button that allows users to temporarily hide messages. In addition, there are smart replies for English messages and Google comes with a reminder function in the form of nudging. Another change is the introduction of the so-called confidential mode.

The current announcement is for G Suite administrators. However, the changes also apply to normal users. They can switch to the new design by selecting it at the gear in their Gmail account.

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