Google lets users resize Linux partition in Chrome OS afterwards

Google has updated the Linux integration in Chrome OS. The terminal in the operating system can now be personalized with other color schemes, tabs have been added, and Chrome OS users can update their Linux partition afterwards.

The changes to the Linux implementation have already been tested in beta versions of Chrome OS, but are final in version 84 of the operating system. In that version it is possible to rename and resize the Linux container afterwards. Previously, users had to do a completely new installation first, but the new version also allows users to change the disk size of the container afterwards without going through the entire installation again. The Linux implementation in Chrome OS itself remains in beta. The feature was introduced in 2018.

Another notable change is that the command line interface can be personalized. Color schemes have been added, including standard light and dark themes. In addition, it is possible to manually set the colors and change the font. Users can also change their mouse cursor. Tabs have also been added. Users must retrieve those features with a keyboard shortcut; they are not in the menu.