Google is working on the internet with a speed of 10Gbit/s

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Google wants to be able to offer internet connections with a speed of 10 gigabits per second within three years. The company’s CFO said this at a conference. Google currently offers 1Gbit/s internet connections in Kansas City.

The higher throughput speeds are currently being worked on, Google CFO Patrick Pichette said at a technology conference hosted by investment bank Goldman Sachs, according to USA Today. The higher speeds could come in ten years, Pichette thinks. “But why not make it available within three years?” There’s no need to wait, Pichette said.

Currently, Google offers 1Gbit/s internet connections through its fiber optic provider Google Fiber in Kansas City. The service isn’t available in other cities right now, but Google says it’s expanding to Austin, the capital of Texas. To questions from the public whether the service is coming to other cities, Pichette replied: “Stay tuned.” He previously assured analysts that Google Fiber is “not a hobby project” for the company.

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