Google is testing Google Now in Chrome for Windows, OS X and Chrome OS

Google has built Google Now into its Chrome desktop browser. The feature works in Chrome Canary on Windows, OS X and Chrome OS, the internet company says. Google Now already functioned in Android and iOS.

Google shows, among other things, the weather, traffic and standings of sports matches in the desktop version of Google Now, but Chrome does not show all cards from Now on mobile, Google says. If users want to work undisturbed, notifications can be muted temporarily.

The cards only work if the user logs in to Chrome with the same account as on the phone or tablet. Also, the Canary build of Chrome is still required. In addition, it is disabled by default; can be switched on via a special command.

Google presented Now a year and a half ago. It initially only worked on Android. It is unknown when the feature will also work in the stable version of Chrome, but Google will release new versions of Chrome soon.