Google is requesting permission to test at 6GHz in 17 US states

Google has requested permission from the US agency FCC to conduct tests in the 6GHz frequency band in 17 US states. It is unclear exactly what Google wants to test in the next two years.

Google has asked for permission to conduct experiments in cities within a radius of 7 to 40 km around a central point with antennas in the 6 GHz band, according to the letter to the FCC. Some important details, such as which technique Google wants to work with, have been omitted from the letter, because it concerns trade secrets.

The FCC opened part of the 6 GHz band for use this spring, Business Insider reports. The site is betting that Google is doing the next generation of Wi-Fi, which could work at that frequency. Current Wi-Fi networks are at 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The 6GHz band offers higher capacity and speed, but less range than current frequencies.

It could also be that it concerns communication with self-driving cars; such v2x communication can also run in that frequency band. There are also 5g frequency bands that are around that same frequency. Google has not provided an explanation of the application.