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Google Home is always listening better

Google Home is a voice-controlled smart speaker, to which you can ask your questions. What kind of weather will it be? What appointments do I have today? Google Home gives you an answer to these kinds of questions. You can even request a packing list from the speaker, in cooperation with KLM. Digital gadgets naturally always ask for extensions and innovations. Google Home is also getting smarter. What else can this friendly speaker do?

The bottom line is that you always have to do a little less effort to ask questions to Google Home. You can now bundle up to three questions in just one command. Instead of asking three separate questions about the weather, playing music and the current traffic situation to work, you just have to say “OK Google” or “HEY Google”.

Another useful update is that you no longer have to speak in full sentences to Google Home. So instead of “What’s the weather in Paris and what’s the weather in New York” you can ask: “What’s the weather in Paris and New York?

This, of course, saves only a few seconds, but it makes the interaction more natural. For example, the digital assistant is less of a pre-programmed computer and more of a real assistant.

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