Google Docs crashed due to grammar checker bug when repeating certain words

A bug in Google Docs’ grammar checker caused the word processor to crash when opening a file containing a word repeated in a certain way. Google seems to have fixed the bug by now.

The bug only appeared when users repeated English words five times in a row with a period and a space between the words. Also, every word had to start with a capital letter and the grammar checker had to be turned on. When refreshing the page within the desktop version of Docs, users received a message that that page could not be opened. The file should be open on the mobile version.

On a Google support site indicated a user that his Docs crashed when he said “And. And. And. And. And.” placed in a document. Other users also said that the bug also appeared with words like ‘but’, ‘also’, ‘therefore’ and ‘who’. Words like ‘than’ and ‘whether’ did not appear to cause any problems.

Later reported a Google employee that the problem was known to the company and that a solution was being worked on. Now the problem no longer occurs. Google has not yet provided an explanation about the bug.

The error message that users saw