Google denies rumors that there are plans to pull the plug on Stadia

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Google is responding to rumors that the company would like to pull the plug on Stadia. According to the game streaming service’s official Twitter account, that’s not the case and new games will continue to come to Stadia.

On Twitter, Google is responding for the first time to the rumors that Stadia might stop or take a different form. At the request of a Stadia user the company replies: “Stadia will not close. Rest assured that we will be bringing more games to Stadia Pro.”

Earlier this year, rumors surfaced that Google wants to shift its focus from Stadia to a third-party service. The intention would be that Google wants to offer the Stadia platform as a service for companies to offer their own streams. Only a small part of the Stadia development team would still be building Stadia as a consumer platform.

Google never responded to these rumors or announced a change of course for Stadia. However, it closed its game studios last year and the tech giant announced that it will not develop games after all. Google says it wants to focus on developing Stadia as a platform for game publishers.

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