Google completes acquisition of cybersecurity company Mandiant

Google’s acquisition of cybersecurity company Mandiant has been completed. Earlier this year, the company mentioned a $5.4 billion acquisition for the company that, among other things, conducts security research and offers its services in 22 countries.

The acquisition was announced in March but has yet to receive approval from shareholders of the companies and market authorities. All parties have now agreed Google and Mandiant write in a joint statement Monday. Mandiant becomes part of Google Cloud, but keeps its own name. With the addition of the cybersecurity firm, Google Cloud will offer an end-to-end security operations suite to compete with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services

Mandiant is an American security research company. It also supplies computer emergency response teams, or certs, to companies affected by cyber attacks. The company has been part of security company FireEye since 2013, which sold a large part of its Products portfolio to an investment company last year and has continued as Mandiant ever since. The company received extra attention when it investigated the SolarWinds hack in 2020, still under the name FireEye.