Electronic Arts and Koei Tecmo Announce ‘Hunting Game’

Electronic Arts and Koei Tecmo are going to publish a new game together, in which hunting is central. The game is made by Dynasty Warriors studio Omega Force. It is not yet known what the game will look like and when it should be released.

In a joint statement EA and Koei Tecmo report that the AAA game should “become the next big hunting game” and that it is not based on an existing franchise. It is not clear what exactly the companies mean by the term ‘hunting game’.

The two publishers do not disclose many details, but do say that the game is set in ancient Japan. The message features concept art of an old building, through which a tree has grown. Later this month, EA and Koei Tecmo will release more news about the game.

Koei Tecmo was created in 2009 after a merger of Tecmo and Koei. The company consists of several parts, including Koei Tecmo Games. That studio is known for game franchises such as Nioh, Dynasty Warriors, Hyrule Warriors and Dead or Alive. In 2020, the developer released Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity in collaboration with Nintendo.

Concept art of EA and Koei Tecmo game