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Google allows smart phone manufacturers in Europe to pay for Google apps

Smartphone manufacturers selling their devices in Europe now have to pay for the use of apps such as the Google Play Store. Google is implementing this measure because of the billions of fines it received for abuse of power with Android.

Google presents a number of measures to respond to the complaints of the European Commission. Google says that ‘Android partners’ are now allowed to release other devices in Europe with other Android versions or forks, which do not include the Google apps.

Google also gives the possibility to manufacturers to uninstall Google apps without the Google Search app and the Chrome browser. All manufacturers have to start paying for the use of Google apps on devices they release in the European Economic Area

The new license conditions will start on October 29th. Google does not provide details about the prices that manufacturers have to pay for using Google apps. The search giant says that it will cooperate with manufacturers in the coming period to make the transition to the new agreements.

The measures taken by Google are a reaction to the fine of 4.3 billion euro that the European Commission imposed in July for abuse of power with Android. The Commission found that Google is in violation of the law and hinders competition by requiring manufacturers to install the Search app and the Chrome browser on devices if they also want to use other Google services such as the Play Store. Google would also have prevented manufacturers from developing their own Android forks.

Google appealed last week against the fine of the European Commission. The Android maker says to make the adjustments while awaiting the outcome of the appeal.

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