Gamer gets Google Stadia working on Nintendo Switch with LineageOS

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A Spanish gamer has managed to run Google Stadia games on a Nintendo Switch. He used the operating system LineageOS, a modified Android version of which a port for the Switch was also released last summer.

Tomb Raider via Stadia on the Switch. Photo: Isaaki_Gaming

In a tutorial on YouTube, Spaniard Isaaki_Gaming explains in detail how he managed to get Google’s game streaming service up and running on his Nintendo Switch. First, he installed switchroot LineageOS 15.1, an operating system based on Android 8.1 Oreo. He also made use of the custom NX bootloader Hekate 5.2 and Magisk 20.1 to root the Switch.

Via the Stadia smartphone app, Isaaki_Gaming then got both the Stadia games and the two Joy-Con controllers working. The Spaniard has not yet managed to get the controllers working via the Chrome browser.

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