Game streaming via Game Pass Ultimate is coming to iOS and PC in Spring 2021

Microsoft will expand the beta of cloud gaming via the Game Pass Ultimate plan to Windows PCs and iOS in the spring of 2021. It is currently already possible to stream games via the subscription, but that only works on Android for the time being.

Cloud gaming will be integrated into the Xbox app for Windows, but will also work in browsers. With iOS, gaming via the cloud will only work via the browser; Apple does not allow Microsoft to release an app for it. Earlier it became clear that Microsoft is working on a web version.

When exactly it is possible to stream games from Microsoft servers to Windows PCs or iOS devices is not yet clear. Microsoft only indicates that it will start with this in the spring of 2021. It’s the same streaming functionality that has been available for Android since September as part of the Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Although all subscribers can use it, Microsoft still calls it a beta.

Microsoft is not talking about game streaming on Xbox consoles in its announcement. Users express that wish because they would then be able to try out games without having to download tens of gigabytes. Microsoft previously indicated that this is ‘on the list’.

In the blog post, Microsoft further discusses the success of Game Pass and the Xbox Series X and S, but the manufacturer does not mention concrete sales figures. Microsoft says Game Pass subscriber “ engagement ” more than doubled in November, with users jointly upgrading 1.6 million games to Xbox Series X and S variants through Smart Delivery. According to Microsoft, 40 percent of people who buy an Xbox for the first time play on the Xbox Series S.