Fujifilm launches GFX 50S medium format camera in February

Fujifilm has revealed all the details about its mirrorless medium-format camera with 51-megapixel sensor. The device will be available from February and will cost $6499 in the US. Three lenses will be launched on the market together with the camera.

The Fujifilm GFX 50S uses a new G lens mount, which is large enough to accommodate the 44x33mm sensor. The image chip has a surface area that is 1.7x that of full-frame cameras.

The light sensitivity is 100 to 12,800 iso, but that can be expanded digitally to a maximum of 102,400 iso. The device shoots photos with a resolution of up to 8256×6192 pixels and does so at three frames per second. For autofocus, the camera uses 117 focus points on the sensor that work with contrast detection.

Like Fujifilm’s X-series cameras, the GFX 50S is a mirrorless model. That is why the device does not have an optical viewfinder, but an electronic version. With the medium format camera, this is an OLED viewfinder with a resolution of 3.69 million pixels. The viewfinder can be tilted so that it is possible to look into the camera from above and the EVF can also be detached from the camera. On the back of the body is a 3.2 “tilting screen with 2.36 million pixels. The housing is sealed against dust and moisture and weighs 740 grams including battery, but without lens.

Along with the camera, Fujifilm is releasing three lenses: a 32-64mm f/4 zoom, 120mm f/4 Macro and a 63mm f/2.8. Converted to 35mm full-frame equivalent, the focal lengths correspond to approximately 25-50mm, 95mm and 50mm. At the end of the year, three more lenses will be added: those are the 110 mm f/2, 45 mm f/2.8 and 23 mm f/4.

Fujifilm announced the camera at Photokina last September. At the time, not all details were known and the manufacturer did not yet report a price. No euro price has yet been announced, but according to DPreview, the camera will cost $ 6499 in the US and the price is £ 6199 in the United Kingdom. Earlier rumors spoke of a suggested retail price of 6999 euros.