Foursquare unveils platform for sharing check-ins with companies

Foursquare has released a new platform that allows businesses to use its social network check-ins for targeted advertising. In time, the service would not only be available for Foursquare, but also for the services of third parties.

The platform is called Pinpoint, VentureBeat discovered on Tuesday, among others. The platform allows businesses to see where Foursquare users have been to tailor their websites and apps to those users. Foursquare thus targets publishers, among others. For example, they can see from where their readers or viewers see the content.

In a video clip, Foursquare shows how it works with Pinpoint. A number of companies are already working with the service, the company reports. These include FedEx, Land Rover, AT&T and Samsung. Via Pinpoint, they can gain insight into the data of 65 million locations and no less than 7 billion check-ins.

By providing data insight, Foursquare hopes to tap into a new source of information. It previously let go of wanting to earn money with the large amount of check-ins at companies and stores that it has collected in recent years.