Fortnite gets Party Royale mode without weapons

Fortnite will have a Party Royale mode in which players will not fight each other, but can do other activities in a map. It is still unknown what kind of activities those will be. Epic previously organized concerts in Fortnite.

After Twitterers found code indicating the arrival of a Party Royale mode, Epic confirmed to Polygon the existence of the new mode. It is still unknown what players will be able to do in that mode, but Epic says that the weapons will be omitted.

Epic has long had plans to make Fortnite a ‘metaverse’ in addition to a shooting game. Epic director Tim Sweeney said last year that building such a metaverse is possible thanks to the large community of people playing the game.

Fortnite has long had many events that have nothing to do with the original shooting game. For example, 27 million players attended a virtual concert in the game last weekend. The game hosted five shows from April 23 to 25 by artist Travis Scott, whose huge avatar sang a number of songs.

Fortnite Party Royale. Source: Lucas7yoshi