Formula 1 competitions take place virtually due to the corona pandemic

One sporting event after another is canceled due to the coronavirus. Sin, but not all hope is lost. For example, Formula 1 will still be held – only or virtually in the F1 2019 game.

The official Formula 1 races have been canceled for at least the coming weeks, as have many other races and sporting events. In order to accommodate motorsport fans, the F1 organizer has set up a virtual e-sports event. A different digital race is run every race weekend. That is happening with the PC game F1 2019. The first virtual grand prix will take place this weekend at the Sakhir circuit in Bahrain. With 28 laps, the race is only half as long as the real race. The broadcast lasts an hour and a half. The organization does not say which drivers exactly participate in the virtual race, but there is talk of ‘current F1 drivers’. In addition to the drivers, there will also be official presenters who will talk about the race.

Because the drivers are not all equally good in the game, the game settings are equalized for everyone. Each driver gets the same car, and the vehicles take less damage than usual. For novice players, there are anti-lock brakes and traction control. The organization also says that the race is purely for entertainment and that drivers do not earn points who play in the competition. The matches can be viewed live on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook.