Sony: The vast majority of PS4 games are playable on PlayStation 5

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The backwards compatibility of the PlayStation 5 works for ‘the vast majority’ of PS4 games. Sony clarifies in a blog post that almost all games for the older console will be playable on the new one.

Sony writes that in an update of a blog post in which it announced details about the upcoming console. “We believe that the vast majority of the 4,000-plus PS4 titles are playable on the PS5,” the company wrote. “We’ve already tested hundreds of titles and are getting ready to test thousands more.” Sony writes that in the coming months more will be known about the backwards compatibility of the console. The company also writes that the improved hardware of the PS5 ensures that games run smoother than on the older console. On the PS5, PS4 games would have more and more stable frame rates and “potentially higher resolutions.” The company says it is currently reviewing each title to make sure there are no issues.

Sony is clarifying confusion that arose after the console’s announcement with the blog post. Earlier this week, the company presented specifications of the new PlayStation, which will receive an 825GB SSD with 5.5GB/s and an AMD GPU with 36 compute units. During the presentation, system architect Mark Cerny said that “most of the top 100 most popular games from the PS4 were supported on the PS5.” During the presentation, Sony also talked about ‘hundreds’ of games with which the console would be backwards compatible. As a result, many viewers thought that only a part of the games would be supported. So there will be more than a hundred.

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