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Follow the World Cup with virtual reality

The World Cup 2018 is coming, with today the first game. Unfortunately we do not see orange streets, accessories and people, but cheering for the southern neighbors or one of the other countries should not spoil the fun.

Soccer match in VR

In the US, people with the Oculus Go or Samsung Gear VR headset can watch live football in virtual reality in the Oculus Venues app and via Fox Sports. The matches are in a theater-like environment, in which everyone sees the audience and can also chat with them. This way you can immediately test whether VR and live sport go well together.

In England fans can view matches in VR via the BBC app. In a number of other countries, according to Oculus, it is also possible to watch football matches in VR. In some South American countries, Greece and France, people with Gear VR can watch matches in VR.

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