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First emoji for women’s football #WomeninFootball

The World Cup started yesterday. Right with a resounding 5-0 victory for host Russia. The coming 4 weeks will then be fully dedicated to this world championship in many places!

Women’s football

A nice moment, says Twitter, to release the very first emoji for women’s football . The aim is to generate attention for the increasing influence of women in and around the football industry. The emoji – a woman with football in the left hand – is activated by the use of the hashtag #WomeninFootball.


The emoji has been launched as part of the #WhatIf campaign of the British Women in Football. In this campaign, companies, celebrities and other enthusiasts mention ways in which the position of girls and women in football can be improved.

Twitter promised to create a unique emoji to celebrate Women in Football, and we are glad that they have added their words to the word so quickly and made their promise a reality, ” chairman Anna Kessel. “ Improving the visibility of girls and women is the key to success and an emoji is a simple but effective way to do this.

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