Fitbit releases third version of Ace fitness tracker for kids

Fitbit has announced its Ace 3, a fitness tracker aimed at kids ages six and up. The watch is for sale from 15 March for a suggested retail price of 80 euros. It is the first product to be released by Fitbit after it was acquired by Google.

The Ace 3 has more animated watch faces and a battery life of eight days, according to Fitbit. The watch is waterproof and can be used while swimming. The fitness tracker has a pedometer, keeps track of active minutes and gives reminders to move. The watch also has sleep tracking.

Parents can view such stats and set reminders through the Fitbit Parent View app. Also, there is a Kids View view in the app, which is intended for kids to view their stats. The Ace 3 can connect wirelessly to Android and iOS devices, after which it can receive notifications for incoming phone calls.

Fitbit has since been acquired by Google. The Ace 3 is the first device the company will release after that acquisition is completed. The Ace 2 came out in 2019 and was also aimed at children. According to Fitbit, the fitness tracker is designed with respect for children’s privacy standards, including the European GDPR and the US COPPA.