Fitbit is recalling limited number of Sense smartwatches due to hardware issues

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A number of Fitbit Sense owners have been told their smartwatch must be returned due to hardware issues. It would be a problem with the ECG function, but only a limited number of devices would be affected.

The recall came to light when users of the Sense smartwatch reported it on Fitbit’s forum. In an email to customers, the manufacturer asks for the watch to be returned due to an unspecified hardware problem. Anyone who returns the Sense will receive a new one.

In a response to The Verge, Fitbit says the problem is related to the ability to record ECGs. The error would cause an ECG to be mistakenly marked as inconclusive. What exactly is wrong with the hardware remains unclear, however, as the company’s spokesperson did not provide any further details. Users also indicate that their smartwatch just seems to be working properly.

The problem seems to affect only a small number of users. According to Fitbit, about 900 have been identified with the potential issue, making the impact seem limited. The fact that Fitbit has opted for a recall is probably due to the stricter rules for functions such as creating an ECG. In many cases, such medical functionality requires permission from authorities due to the rules regarding medical devices.

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