First partially 3d-printed braille phone available

The London-based OwnFone has launched a telephone that works completely with Braille writing. The phone is the world’s first braille phone available to consumers. However, it is currently only for sale in the UK, starting at £60.

Interested parties can compose their own telephone on the OwnFone site. In addition to determining the color, there is the option to fill the phone with two or four phone numbers. After the names and telephone numbers of the contacts have been entered, OwnFone converts them into braille. A 3D printer then prints the front and back of the phone. According to Tom Sunderland, inventor of the telephone, 3D printing is a fast and inexpensive way to produce the personalized Braille buttons for the telephones.

A contact person is called with a single push of a button, making it relatively easy for blind and partially sighted people to use the mobile phone. The phone is designed so that they can better keep in touch with their friends and family. According to the DailyMail, the phone has already been tested by a number of blind and partially sighted people, all of whom are said to be happy with it.

OwnFone isn’t the only company dealing with braille for phones. For example, an Indian company is developing a smartphone for the blind. In this concept, Braille is generated on the screen with small pins. There are also a number of adapted keyboards and special panels for computers that ensure that the blind and partially sighted can use computers.