Firmware update: Xtreamer 2.2

Xtreamer has released a new firmware for its media player of the same name. The Xtreamer is intended for playing and streaming media files from the optional built-in hard drive, a device on the internal network – wired or wireless – or from the Internet. There is a topic on our own GoT where more information about this budget media player can be found.

New in version 2.2, among other things, the ability to navigate Blu-ray movies has been added. For example, you can jump to chapters and adjust sound and subtitles. Furthermore, the performance of the wireless network has been improved and external USB hard drives are recognized faster. The full changelog for version 2.2 looks like this:

New features

  • Blu-ray simple navigation.
    • Chapter navigation.(GOTO or Next button)
    • Audio navigation(AUDIO button)
    • Subtitle navigation(SUBTITLE button)
  • Ken Burns slideshow effect
    • During Photo playback.
    • Setup->Playback-Ken burns Slideshow Effect.
  • Hue & Saturation
    • Setup->A/V->Hue, Saturation.
  • Multi Audio output.(HDMI only)
    • Output AAC/FLAC/OGG/WAV 5.1 PCM
    • Setup->A/V->Digital output.
  • wireless network
    • Static IP
    • WPS
  • DVD/Blu-ray folder auto play.
    • If folder is DVD/Blu-ray folder structure, Appear select window of “Browser folder and auto playback”
  • New RSS video (HD) sites added in Internet menu.
  • Change custom GUI image.
    • Web page->Setup->TV skin.
    • Support 16bit BMP(656 format)
  • Custom RSS(Personal) option in “Internet” menu to use user’s customized script from internal HDD.


  • “Return” button acts as stop button, during video playback
  • wireless network performance.
  • eTrayz mount option from UDP to TCP
    • Media Library -> eTray.
  • Internet sites support H.264(mp4) streaming.
  • Internet video playback.
    • Default playback resolution from 320×240 to full screen
    • Fast forward 1.0x->0.5x->0.8x->1.2x->1.5x->2.0x
  • Photo display quality.
  • Recognize ext3 file system in internet HDD.
  • USB HDD detection much faster.
  • Web GUI download works stable.
  • Xtreamer Restart from Web GUI
    • Setup->NAS Mode->Restart
  • added fast forward speed 1.1x during Video playback.
  • Change volume window position from bottom to top.

Bug fixed

  • Official DVD can’t playback used by GL811 chip DVD device.
  • MKV+DTS out of sync.
  • External USB HDD detect error.
    • Samsung S1 mini (1.8 inch external USB storage)
  • If TS file has internal subtitle, can’t display subtitle.
  • Subtitle visible when screen saver is on.

Version number 2.2
Release status Final
Website Xtreamer
File size 39.30MB
License type Freeware