Firmware update: VIA 686B data corruption bios fix

Several people wrote that VIA Hardware has the news about new BIOS versions of Epox and Abit that should fix the data corruption bug for the 686B southbridge:

Paul and his Abit KT7/KT7A FAQ have landed a new bios from Abit that includes a fix for the problems associated with the VIA 686b south bridge. This bios is BETA and should be installed at your own risk. Here’s a list of details:

  • Change the default setting of primary/secondary master/slave IDE to “auto-detecting”.
  • Change the following three register value to be “0” as recommended by certain hardware review webpage. -PCI Delay Transaction = 0 -PCI Mast Read Caching = -PCI Latency = 0

  • The options of above three settings will be available on next release. This beta bios is with register values ​​revised but not adjustable.

  • Any bug report to the following email please [email protected]

This bios appears to only work for the Abit KT7A motherboard, though its possible it could work on the KT7 also.

For more information on this bios check out Paul’s FAQ.

You can download the BETA 686b Bios right here.

both epoxy and HardTecs4u
let us know that Epox is the first motherboard manufacturer to offer a bios update to fix the VIA 686b southbridge problem. This new bios addresses the Epox EP-8KTA2 and the EP-8KTA3. Lets hope more motherboard manufacturers follow in Epox’s footsteps soon.

For those who are unaware. VIA has made public, problems with their 686b south bridge. The main problems appear to be large file transfers and problems with the Creative Sound Blaster live.

You can download the new Epox bios here

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