Firmware update: Tomato 1.24

Version 1.24 of Tomato was released on Saturday. Like HyperWRT, Tomato is an alternative firmware for various routers equipped with a chipset from Broadcom, including the Linksys WRT54g, Buffalo WHR-g54s and Asus WL500g Premium. After flashing, which is of course done entirely at your own risk, the router has a new user interface and various additional options, including a real-time bandwidth monitor, extensive setting options for qos, access rights and improved support for p2p clients. More information about the capabilities and supported models, including screenshots and videos, is on this page to find. The changelog of this release shows the following changes and improvements:

Changes in version 1.24:

  • Fixed static IP entry was ignored if it exceeded a certain length even though the GUI allowed it.
  • Fixed Device List may not display Static IP hostnames.
  • miniupnpd replaces the older UPnP service, adds NAT-PMP support (must enable).
  • Added options for DDNS refresh time and do not perform an ‘NVRAM commit’ for DynDNS in the GUI.
  • Added ID for WTR54GS, WZR-G108 – thanks to BaoWeiQuan; WR100 – thanks to Hovsep.
  • Various fixes, WL500GP, WL520GU, WBR2G54 – thanks to Fedor.
  • Added options for more SSH/telnet connect limits in Admin:Access.
  • Added option to use WAN port for LAN in Basic:Network.
  • Reworked logout. Tested with IE, FF, Safari, Opera, Chrome.
  • Updated Busybox 1.14.0, L7 filters.

Version number 1.24
Release status Final
Website Polar cloud
License type Freeware