Firmware Update: Synology Disk Station Manager 4.3 build 3776

The final release of Disk Station Manager version 4.3 has been released. Synology DSM is the management software that runs on several of the company’s NAS products. The Disk, Cube and Rack Stations offer more than just extra storage space. For example, backups of all clients on the network can be made and files can be downloaded via http, ftp, bittorrent, usenet and emule, so that, for example, energy-hungry PCs can switch off at night, while the download just comes in. In addition, audio and video files can be streamed over the network via the built-in iTunes server, a dynamic website can be hosted using PHP and MySQL and the device can act as a print server.

Version 4.3 can only be installed over DSM version 4.0 or higher and is only suitable for the nas models ending with 10 or higher. For the other conditions, see this page. A live demo is available on this page are being found. Version 4.3 contains a huge list of changes, too many to list here. Detailed information and images can be here are being found. Here are the main improvements:

Trust Domain Support in Active Directory

  • Users and groups belonging to trusted domains can be assigned privileges to access files or run applications after your DiskStation joins a Windows domain.
  • You can specify how often the DiskStation automatically updates the domain user/group list.

Broader LDAP Client Support

  • Your DiskStation can now join an LDAP domain hosted by IBM Domino LDAP Server 8.5.
  • If you use a different LDAP server with different attributes for account names and group names, there are now options to specify or customize how user and group information is mapped to LDAP attributes.


  • NFS v4 support has been added, including pseudo file system and a stateful protocol.
  • NFS v3 and v4 now support IPv6.
  • If Kerberos security flavor is implemented, you can map the NFS client to a local user, a domain user or a LDAP user.
  • Additional NFS settings have been added for NFS v3 and NFS v4, such as default read and write packet size, or allow clients to access NFS servers with insecure, non-privileged ports.

Speed ​​Limit Scheduler

  • Bandwidth speed limits can now be configured according to a schedule, so speed limits will take effect at specific times only.
  • Varying speed limits can be customized for each user and group, allowing you to implement different limits at different times.

Task Scheduler

  • When creating tasks to automatically empty recycle bins, you can now define a retention policy to control what files are permanently deleted according to time, size, or file types.

Self Service Password Recovery

  • System admins can allow DSM local users (and LDAP users on Synology Directory Server) to conveniently reset passwords via email.

HFS+ Support

  • HFS+ External drives are supported in DSM 4.3.
  • Read/Write is supported.
  • Read only is supported and the maximum volume size is 2TB.
  • HFS+ journal is not supported.

File Station

  • You can now create links to share folders with non-DSM users.
  • Users allowed to create sharing links can now be specified.
  • The size of thumbnails can be changed.
  • You can drag-n-drop files or folder to your desktop to download them easily. Supports Google Chrome browser only.

Advance Options for Windows File Service (SMB)

  • The following advance options for Windows File Service (SMB) have been added: DirSort VFS module; Veto files (hide files according to specified criteria); symbolic links and wide links; MSDFS VFS module (allowing symbolic links to point to files or folders located on another server); save debug logs; and clear SMB cache files.

Package Center

  • A default volume on which packages being installed can be specified, simplifying package installation.

Disk Usage Report

  • You can easily remove duplicated files in the disk usage report.

3G/4G USB Dongle Support

  • A 3G/4G USB dongle can be plugged into your NAS, allowing it to connect to a mobile network. On DS213air or DiskStations with Wi-Fi dongle, you can share your 3G/4G Internet access with tablets and laptops wirelessly.
  • See the link for supported 3G/4G USB dongles.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Enhancements

  • Time-based Parental Control: Allows you to control when each client device connected to the DiskStation’s local network can access the Internet. The feature are available on DS213air only.
  • UPnP Internet Gateway: Enable UPnP service to allow your DiskStation to become a UPnP Internet Gateway device, so that devices that are connected to the local network of the DiskStation can configure port forwarding settings with UPnP. For DS213air or other drives with USB Wi-Fi adapter plugged only.
  • PPPoE Relay: Allows devices that are connected to the DiskStation to connect to the Internet via PPPoE connection. For DS213air or other devices with USB Wi-Fi adapters only.

DSM Update

  • You can change DSM update settings to always install the latest version of DSM and critical updates, or install critical updates only.


  • ASCII support: Allows the DiskStation to properly transfer ASCII formatted plain text files via FTP.


  • S3 Network Backup supports multipart data upload.
  • PHP has been upgraded to 5.3.27.
  • Additional Security options to enhance the system’s protection against cross-site request forgery attacks.
  • File System Check (FSCK) utility has been added.
  • Built-in VPN client now supports L2TP over IPSec connection.

Version number 4.3 build 3776
Release status Final
Website Synology
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License type Freeware