Firmware update: Ricoh GXR 1.17

Ricoh has for his GXR-digital cameras released new firmware with version number 1.17. With these cameras, both the lens and the image sensor are housed in one module, which can be placed on the GXR body. For more information, reference is made to this news article, which briefly discusses this set-up. The list of customizations for this firmware release is as follows:

Added the following enhanced features:

The detailed information is available in a PDF document.

  • New Noise Reduction Option : MAX
    The MAX option has been added to the [Noise Reduction] in the Shooting menu.
  • Noise Reduction in Nightscape/Landscape in the SCENE modes
    the [Noise Reduction] options become selectable in Nightscape or in Landscape in the SCENE mode.
  • New feature : ADJ. Instant ISO Control
    the [ADJ. Direct ISO Control] option is added in Key Customer Options. When the camera is ready to shoot and this option is [On], ISO sensitivity can be changed by turning the ADJ. liver.
  • New White Balance Options : Incandescent 1 and 2
    Originally there was one option for incandescent light in White Balance, but [Incandescent 1] and [Incandescent 2] become available. [Incandescent 2] will result with slightly warmer than [Incandescent 1]. The original [Incandescent] has been replaced by [Incandescent 2].
  • New feature : Shutter speed Auto Shift
    when the [Shutter Speed Auto Shift] is set to [On] in the S mode, the camera will automatically adjust shutter speed for optimal exposure in the case that the selected shutter speed by the user will result for over exposure or under exposure.
  • Up-down Dial operations
    Up-down Dial can also be used for selection of Flash modes or self-timer options.
  • Added [Zoom position] in Edit My Settings.
    [Zoom Position] can be registered/edited in My Settings when the RICOH LENS S10 is used.
  • New feature : Macro AF Distance Limit
    [Macro AF Distance Limit] option is added in the Shooting menu. When this option is [On], the following can be selectable each time by pressing the Macro button; [Macro On 10 – 30 cm], [Macro On 7 – 10 cm], or [Macro Off]. This option limits the distance that can be focused in AF, and it will make auto focus quickly.
  • High-speed movement of the Focus Ring
    While pressing down the Macro button in the MF, the Focus Ring movement will become faster.
  • Camera unit info. in Exif information
    The camera unit information is stored into the Exif information and [A12], [S10], or [P10] is displayed at playback (Detailed Information Display).
  • Added [Firmware Version] in the Setup menu
    The information on the firmware version is available from the Setup menu.

Modified the following phenomena:

  • The AF may not work well rarely after the Pre-AF setting changes to [Off].
  • With the S10 camera unit; even when the focus is set to [Snap] or [∞ Infinity], the screen remains the zoom bar display. But this update becomes switching the focus bar display.

Version number 1.17
Release status Final
Website Ricoh
License type Freeware