Firmware update: Qnap TS-11x / TS-21x 3.2.5 build 0409

Qnap has released new stable firmware for some of its NAS models, namely TS-110 Turbo, TS-119 Turbo, TS-210 Turbo, TS-219 Turbo and TS-219P Turbo. The firmware has been given version number 3.2.5 build 0409 and downloads can be done at this page are being found. The release notes mention the following changes and improvements:

What’s New?

  • Upgrade kernel to with EXT4 patch based on Linux kernel
  • Twonky Media Server 5.1.4
  • Support WD EARS hard drive series (4k sector hard drive)
    Note: Must upgrade to v3.2.5 firmware or later versions, and then re-initialize the HDDs to adopt the WD Advanced Format Technology


  • Support HP LaserJet P1005, P1006, P1007, P1008, P1505
  • Support “Handle sparse files” option in Remote Replication
  • Add Write Cache option for EXT4 in Hardware settings
  • Upgrade stunnel (for HTTPS connection) from 4.15 to 4.32 for Web Administration
  • [Spec change] Email address format to allow special characters such as % ‘ * / = ? ` |
  • HTTPS file upload in Web File Manager now supports single file upload via Firefox, Chrome, and Safari

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed EXT4 system stability issue
  • Fixed HDD standby issue when TwonkyMedia Server is enabled
  • Fixed DVD-structure folders causing TwonkyMedia Server 5.1.3 to crash
  • Fixed disabling DST will cause time difference by 5-20 minutes in some regions
  • Fixed incorrect DST start & end time in Pacific Time (GMT -08:00).
  • Fixed incorrect message when setting time zone to Perth (GMT +08:00)
  • Fixed NFS reads stall with EXT4 volume
  • Fixed eSATA HDD mount issue after system reboot in ARM-based models
  • Fixed USB HDD mount issue after system reboot
  • Fixed failed destination path on remote server when Chinese user name was used

Known Issue

  • (Surveillence Station) Live view does not work for D-LINK DCS6220
  • (Surveillence Station) Y-CAM Generic V2 will be disconnected if selecting channel in Live View page.
  • (Surveillence Station) No volume adjustment during playback under Windows XP SP2/IE6/WindowsMediaPlayer9
  • Synchronization option is temporarily replaced by cp command because of the current known limitation of selected file size. The fix will be available in the next release.

Version number 3.2.5 build 0409
Release status Final
Website Qnap
File size 73.20MB
License type Freeware