Firmware Update: Mede8er MED600/800/1000X3D 3.0.5

Mede8er has now released the final version 3 of the firmware for the X3D series media players after multiple beta releases. The X3D series models – the MED600X3D, MED800X3D and MED1000X3D – are equipped with a Realtek 1186 media processor, which means, among other things, that they are suitable for playing 3D content. Version 3.0.0, like version 2.0.0, requires a separate bootloader, instructions for this can be here are being found. The changelog for this release’s version shows the following changes and improvements:

ChangeLog V3.0.5

  • Fix: music jukebox: the ‘title’ is not updated when using PREV Button. – also fixes the same problem on netapi
  • Fix: set screen size: move the alignment 2 pixels to right, and 1 pixel on the bottom.
  • Fixed – Occasional crash when powering down while on Network.
  • Fix: Missing search window in subtitle download for Croatian etc
  • Dev: jukebox+: Allow ‘edit’ on about.jpg and will sync image and text content to source folder (Make sure source folder is write enabled and reachable when you use this function). To edit in JukeBox+ – Open JukeBox+ from favorites and navigate to any Movie and ‘Enter’ and you will see about.jpg. Now press ‘edit’ button and edit as normal and when you save the source movie folder will also be updated.
  • fix. Exiting Movie JukeBox does not reset search filters
  • Fix: Folder with ‘view.xml’ inside cannot be made into an Aggregated JukeBox.
  • Fixed skipping 2nd line of external srt subtitles
  • Fixed – jukebox+: after installing new firmware cannot set ‘Aggregate JukeBox’ to old JukeBox+ folder.
  • Feature: add Auto Standby for ERP, and default set to OFF
  • Feature: setup option: add a new option for ‘xvYCC’ control – to fix Darbee issue – must restart movie for new setting to take effect.
  • Fix Green screen when in Video Preview and pressing ‘Home’ or Power’ button on remote
  • Dev: string table: add translation for FR/HE/KR
  • Added Portuguese Localization
  • Added Localization for new strings for Auto Shutdow

Version number 3.0.5
Release status Final
Website Mede8er
File size


License type Freeware